Functional Leads

Sanam Arora
Founder and Chairperson

Sanam Arora

An alumnus of the London School of Economics, Sanam is Chairperson of the National Indian Students and Alumni Union UK. She is a Consultant specialising in Investment Management, and works with top global asset management houses, providing strategy and management consulting. Further she is the Youth Coordinator — UK for the People of Indian Origin Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Head of Youth Affairs at the UK Asian Business Council. Sanam is extremely interested in furthering India's engagement with the world, particularly through its youth, in the fields of Higher Education, Foreign Institutional & Direct Investment and Tourism. At the same time Sanam is developing a network of young Indian diaspora leaders to create a unique ecosystem that can foster entrepreneurship, leadership and patriotism. She is a recipient of the Honorary Studentship of the London School of Economics, the highest honour bestowed by the LSE SU upon a student and has been nominated for multiple national level awards including the British Indian Awards. In 2016 she was honoured for her services by the Bedford Indian community, and the award was presented by the former Deputy High Commissioner of India to the UK, Dr Virander Paul, at the High Commission of India, London. More recently Sanam was awarded the UK India Thought Leadership — Youth Icon of the Year Award, where she was the youngest amongst twelve awardees which included figures such as the Deputy Mayor of London.

Email her at: chairperson@nisu.org.uk

Mohanish Borana
National President

Mohanish Borana

Mohanish holds a M.Res with distinction from the University of Edinburgh and is presently studying Science and Technology policy from SPRU, University of Sussex. He has graduated as topper of Integrated M.Sc. 2009-14 batch from Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences Mumbai which is an aid-in institution of Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. He has represented India at international forums like Asian Science Camp and Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates as Fellow of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. He has also done internships in the USA as a Khorana Fellow of Department of Bio-Technology, Government of India and France on International Research Fellowship. Vision India Foundation has appointed him Governance Ambassador and he is also associated with an NGO Youth for Change Chittorgarh. Mohanish, who consider writing as his hobby, takes a large interest in public speaking too and has started a seminar/workshop series called We Shall on youth empowerment and engagement back in India.

Email him at: mohanish.borana@nisu.org.uk

Gautam Nambiar
Head of Operations

Gautam Nambiar

Gautam is a current Post Graduate student pursuing Management, Innovation and Enterprise at Nottingham Trent University. He is the Head of Operations at NISAU, and focusing on Non-profit organisation management and internal restructuring. He has key experience in the production of events and organised the first UK-India Youth Leadership Conclave held at London. He is the Founder of NTSU Indian Society at Nottingham Trent Student's Union. He has produced numerous events in Nottingham as an International Student in UK. Politics, policy making and technology innovation have a special place in his observation book. Multiple academic projects on waste management, green energy and sustainability have followed his academic career. His moto is teamwork and ability to adapt to any environment which are the key attributes one should possess in running a smooth operation. He is known to make and raise opportunities for students like never before.

Email him at: gautam.nambiar@nisu.org.uk

Sanjana Ragu
Head of Media and Public Relations

Sanjana Ragu

An Alumnus of Nottingham Trent University graduated in Fashion Communication and Promotion, Sanjana leads the Media, PR and Social media relations at NISAU, helping develop brand essence through digital platforms and is the contact person for all press release information. She is a Graphic Designer at Sun Mark LTD. and works on revamping product packaging on 17 FMCG brands. She is also the Director of 'Get Essential', a newly established body care company in India. Furthermore, she has been a vital part of the Nottingham Trent Students Union as both President & Marketing Co-ordinator of the Indian Society and a Student Mentor for the School of Art and Design at NTU. Sanjana is passionate about helping businesses discover and gain recognition through viral trends and digital marketing strategies and champion brilliant marketing & advertising campaign ideas that deliver first class results to the current generation.

Email her at: sanjana.ragu@nisu.org.uk

Harshada Topale
Head of Relationship Management and Outreach

Harshada Topale

Harshada is pursuing her MBA in London from Richmond University upon receiving a Scholarship and is working as an independent management consultant helping companies with business research, product development, business processes and change management. Harshada is an Engineer by profession and has a rich experience of project management and operations management. She has worked in diverse sectors like Civil infrastructure, Oil & Gas, IT (Infrastructure - cloud computing, app development), Fintech in UK, Ireland, Canada and India. In the long-term she would like to engage in activities towards providing education to each and every child in India.

Email her at: harshada.topale@nisu.org.uk

Dr. Vijaya Priyadarshini
Head of Events

Dr. Vijaya Priyadarshini

Vijaya holds a MSc in Healthcare Policy and Management from the University of Birmingham. She has graduated with a distinction in Bachelor of Dental surgery from the Utkal State University, India. Besides her compassion towards science and policy making, she has been passionately working towards making NISAU events a success. She has been the event coordinator for the Bharat Parivar at the University of Birmingham and at the Utkal student union whilst her study there. With a striking passion and hobby for fictional writing, having published her first novel at the age of 16 is now working towards her second.

Email her at: vijaya.priyadarshini@nisu.org.uk

Surabhi Bhandari
Head of India Team

Surabhi Bhandari

Surabhi Bhandari is a UK qualified lawyer, with an LLB (Hons.) degree from Cardiff University, Wales. As an aspiring Media & Entertainment law solicitor, she pursued the Legal Practice Course at BPP University, London, and is currently in the process of qualifying as an advocate in India, from National Law University, Delhi. She is the principal legal advisor of the National Indian Students and Alumni Union UK and is actively involved in representing Indian students, abroad. Surabhi is passionate about helping animals and people and is working towards developing a concrete Mental Health law practice in India.

Email her at: surabhi.bhandari@nisu.org.uk

Sairam Natarajan
Head of Youth Affairs

Sairam Natarajan

Sairam, an engineer from VTU, Karnataka (India) and qualified risk management professional, is an expert ethics and compliance professional a leading consulting firm in London. He takes pride in the fact that his day job involves encouraging, training and influencing the behaviour of professionals across levels in doing the right thing. He is a strong believer in the power of ethical leadership in bringing about social change. He is also the co-founder of The Mojolab Foundation (leads on making latest innovations in culture, knowledge, skill and technology and the benefits thereof available to communities at low cost), and co-president of Rang De in UK (works towards making poverty history in India by offering low-cost microcredit to underserved communities).

Email him at: sairam.natarajan@nisu.org.uk

Stuti Sethi
Head of Student Societies

Stuti Sethi

Stuti is a current student at the University of Manchester. She is the contact person for all Society affiliates of the NISAU from various Universities around UK. Stuti is also the current student representative of the School of Computer Science, President and former General secretary of the Indian Society at the University of Manchester.

Email her at: stuti.sethi@nisu.org.uk

Riddi Viswanathan
Thought Leadership and Policymaking Lead

Riddi Viswanathan

Riddi Viswanathan, a graduate in Business Studies and Economics from the University of Manchester, is the first-ever elected full-time International Students' Officer at the University of Manchester Students' Union. She has also served the Manchester Students' Union as the diversity officer. Riddi currently works for the betterment of international students in the UK by improving the conditions for foreign students on her Manchester campus as well as influencing policies affecting migrants nationally. Riddi has represented international students at prestigious policymaking forums including the Westminster Higher Education Forum and the European Parliament at Brussels. She is also an elected representative of the NUS international students' committee and the National Executive Council. Riddi is passionate about a career as an entrepreneur and she strives to engage the young people of the world to drive global peace. She is also a voracious reader and a budding journalist.

Email her at: riddi.viswanathan@nisu.org.uk

National Team

Name Role Email Id
Gautam Nambiar Head of Operations gautam.nambiar@nisu.org.uk
Harshada Topale Head of Relationship Management and Outreach harshada.topale@nisu.org.uk
Mohanish Borana National President mohanish.borana@nisu.org.uk
Riddi Viswanathan Thought Leadership and Policymaking Lead riddi.viswanathan@nisu.org.uk
Sairam Natarajan Head of Youth Affairs sairam.natarajan@nisu.org.uk
Sanjana Ragu Head of Media and Public Relations sanjana.ragu@nisu.org.uk
Stuti Sethi Head of Student Societies stuti.sethi@nisu.org.uk
Surabhi Bhandari Head of India Team surabhi.bhandari@nisu.org.uk
Vijaya Priyadarshini Head of Events vijaya.priyadarshini@nisu.org.uk
Aarti Maherchandani Project Management Assistant aarti.maherchandani@nisu.org.uk
Abhinav Kumar National Officer abhinav.kumar@nisu.org.uk
Aiman Rizvi National Officer aiman.rizvi@nisu.org.uk
Aishwarya Mishra National Officer aishwarya.mishra@nisu.org.uk
Anushree Chaudhary National Officer anushree.chaudhary@nisu.org.uk
Ashutosh Kumar National Officer Ashutosh.Kumar@nisu.org.uk
Ayush Rawat National Officer ayush.rawat@nisu.org.uk
Devang Patel Head of IT web@nisu.org.uk
Mx.Dhananjay Chauhan International Equality Officer dhananjay.chauhan@nisu.org.uk
Iris Anil National Officer iris.anil@nisu.org.uk
Manu Sasidharan Thought Leadership and Policymaking team manu.sasidharan@nisu.org.uk
Monica Narang National Officer monica.narang@nisu.org.uk
Mounica Bojja National Officer mounica.bojja@nisu.org.uk
Muhammad Ashraf National Officer nasir.arafat@nisu.org.uk
Nasir Arafat National Officer nasir.arafat@nisu.org.uk
Raghav Aggarwal National Officer raghav.aggarwal@nisu.org.uk
Rakshanda Gowda National Officer rakshanda.gowda@nisu.org.uk
Ravneet Kaur National Officer ravneet.sahni@nisu.org.uk
Saatvik Bansal On Sabbatical saatvik.bansal@nisu.org.uk
Sandeep Wagh National Officer sandeep.wagh@nisu.org.uk
Saritha Chaudhary National Officer saritha.choudhry@nisu.org.uk
Soumya Mishra National Officer soumya.mishra@nisu.org.uk
Suyash Srivastava National Officer suyash.srivastava@nisu.org.uk
Harman Hora National Strategy Officer harman.hora@nisu.org.uk
Sashwat Jain London Co-Ordinator sashwat.jain@nisu.org.uk
Ashwin Kumar Midlands Co-Ordinator ashwin.kumar@nisu.org.uk
Shaurya Vig National Officer shaurya.vig@nisu.org.uk