Turning Mission to Action

3E Model — Engaged, Enabled, Empowered


We want to provide a platform for our young diaspora Indian target demographic to engage with our two great nations in a much more meaningful way. This comes through transferring knowledge of best practice, knowledge of ancient techniques such as Yoga and Ayurveda, cross-border collaboration, diaspora youth engagement with initiatives of the Indian government, and more. It also includes developing a deep understanding of the socio-economic issues that continue to plague India and critically, by encouraging thought and discussion on how India's diaspora youth can get involved to help make a difference.


We want to provide a platform for our young diaspora Indian target demographic to have access to all the knowledge they know they need, and that which they may not otherwise be aware of, in order they are enabled to represent India in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom in India, to the best of their abilities. This includes, for example, good knowledge of both the challenges and the opportunities that exist in India so that brain drain post education abroad is minimised for India, so that our members can accurately talk about India in everyday, or more formal conversations, so that tourism in India can be promoted. It also includes accurate knowledge that cuts past excessively negative rhetoric about immigration in the United Kingdom, especially in a post-Brexit world, and thus allows our members to put forth a true and unbiased representation of the UK.


We want to provide a platform for our young diaspora Indian target demographic such that they feel empowered to analyse critically, voice their opinions without fear, debate, discuss and participate in nation building. They feel empowered by their knowledge, experience and safety net provided by NISAU.

Support Structure

We provide a two-tiered support structure to address the varied requirements of the Indian student and alumni community in the UK —

  1. Society Support

    • As the Umbrella body of Indian and India-related student societies in the UK, we provide a support network and escalation route for our local campus teams. Support includes but is not limited to Government Liaison, Events, Media and Corporate Liaison, PR, Inter and Intra-society conflict resolution et al.

    • At universities with sizeable Indian populations, we also create societies dedicated to Indian students.

  2. Student & Alumni Support

    • Support the Indian youth throughout their educational journey in the UK — pre-arrival, during their stay as students and post-graduation as alumni of the UK

    • Help students and alumni caught up in issues such as those of Immigration and Bogus Colleges. Please note that the NISAU does not provide legal assistance or representation but can connect you to relevant stakeholders or provide non-legal guidance

    • Support students and alumni in developing their professional skills through offering internships and career advice with the aim of generating skilled professionals for the Indian and British economies

    • Support students and alumni through their personal journey in the UK

    • Voluntary work — promoting charitable ethos and work ethics