Rang De

Rang De is a not-for-profit organization committed to fighting poverty by providing access to affordable micro loans to underserved communities in India.

Visit https://www.rangde.org/ for more details.

People of Indian Origin Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PIOCCI)

People of Indian Origin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PIOCCI) is a not-for-profit initiative. It was registered as a national society on October 6, 2003 in Delhi under Societies Registration Act of 1860.

PIOCCI seeks to explore new dimensions on showcasing and building economic partnerships between India and its Diaspora. With a strong base of entrepreneurs, leaders and NGOs that enjoy a rich and vast network in India and overseas, PIOCCI is poised to project a multitude of dimensions of how NRIs and PIOs could become part of India's fast-paced growth and development across sectors. PIOCCI aims to act as a platform to connect and catalyse a regular interaction with the diaspora spread in more than 150 countries.

PIOCCI is working to facilitate Diaspora connect and interaction with:

  • Various ministries and arms of the Central Government
  • State Governments and local authorities
  • Legal and Statutory bodies
  • Non-Government Organisations that are effectively engaged in path breaking socio-economic initiatives
  • Indian businesses, especially SMEs, for mutually beneficial business tie ups. — Diaspora from different countries amongst themselves using India as the pivot

Visit http://www.piocci.org/ for more details.

Further Queries?

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