Our Vision

Positive contribution to the UK, to India and the Indo-British relationship via youth of Indian origin living in the UK.

Our Aims

The definitive reason for our existence is to represent you, the UK's young Indian diaspora. We are a unity project, an international platform, and an advisory council all in one!

Our foremost aim is to become the representative voice of Indian origin students and alumni in the United Kingdom and provide a platform that enables this young diaspora talent pool to engage with institutions, causes, ideas and people with a united, yet diverse front.

We aim to:

  • Become the representative voice of Indian students looking to pursue their Higher Education in the UK, or students who are currently studying at educational institutions in the UK, or alumni who have graduated from educational institutions in the UK
  • Support Indian students during their higher education in the UK — academically, professionally and personally (pre, during and post their studies)
  • Bring together all Indian students, student societies, alumni and young professionals who may not have studied in the UK, on one, national platform
  • Develop future leaders, role models and ambassadors in the UK and in India
  • Develop a unique ecosystem enabling UK's young Indian diaspora to share their global experiences in and with India, thus contributing to India's socio-economic development and transition to a knowledge economy
  • Promote and celebrate Indian culture in the UK, upholding its core principles: 'truth always prevails', 'unity in diversity' and 'the world is a family'.
  • Bridge any educational, cultural and knowledge gap between India and the UK, through the uniquely placed young Indian diaspora.
  • To promote British Higher education in India, Indian Higher Education in the UK and increase student exchange between both countries
  • To further the Indo-UK relationship

Further Queries?

In case of further queries, please contact secretary@nisu.org.uk or contact us via social media.