Our affiliate societies make us! You will find an affiliate India or India-related society at most universities with the relevant demographic make-up. If there isn't an India society at your university or college and you feel there should be one, get in touch! We have helped set up societies across the country in the past, and can do this should the necessary requirements be met at your institution too. If you feel there aren't enough numbers for a society but you would like your university to be involved with NISAU activities, reach out to your local regional head — let's make it happen!

We also have NISAU representatives at most Universities — speak to them and get involved with NISAU! If you would like to become the voice of NISAU at your university or college, email us with your CV at secretary@nisu.org.uk with the title "Application for the post of Campus Representative".

Our India and India related societies are spread throughout the UK. Spot yours!


Our regional activities are split on the lines of the individual nations that make up our great nation, the United Kingdom. To reach out to our campus affiliate in your university, and to keep abreast of their activities, contact the relevant regional head:

Regional Head of England: manu.sasidharan@nisu.org.uk

Regional Head of Wales (Acting): surabhi.bhandari@nisu.org.uk

Regional Head of Scotland: mohanish.borana@nisu.org.uk

Regional Head of Northern Ireland: aakarsha.khosla@nisu.org.uk

Further Queries?

In case of further queries, please contact secretary@nisu.org.uk or contact us via social media.

Going to university is a life-changing experience. So, there is a lot of focus on what happens during your time at university, and rightfully so. But what often gets forgotten in the mix is just how important your experiences both leading into the choice of your university, as well as your life post-university are equally important. The journey of picking the right university and staying connected with the campus ecosystem even once you graduate is not to be overlooked, and through NISAU that is exactly our aim — to truly enrich your experience such that you reach the university most appropriate for you, that you maximise your time whilst at university and once you graduate, you stay connected with the NISAU ecosystem no matter where in the world you are.


Which University? Which Subject? Which Course? Which Career? Where in the UK?

The list goes on...

No one can better answer these questions in the most unbiased fashion, then those who have gone through the same journey! So, no matter what your query is, write to us for some advice and guidance.

Remember that, we are unaffiliated to any university per se. We will try to match you to a member of our team that best matches your query profile so that you hear it straight from the horse's mouth! Our simple aim is to serve you

Write to us with your queries at — needhelp@nisu.org.uk , with the email title "Pre-University Guidance"


Going to university is one of the most life defining experiences one can have. We keep missing those years of university, we lose touch with our friends and networks, we don't realise the fantastic wealth of events and knowledge that continues to be on offer at college...why? Why must all the fun and learning end after 3 or 4 years?

Post-University is extremely important to NISAU, for several reasons, that include:

  • Young professionals can contribute to society in many ways, e.g. India's transition to a knowledge based economy by sharing global knowledge and best practice that our members have unique access to

  • Become mentors for the next crop of graduates — share your experiences, your success stories and your failures

  • Stay involved — professional life can be stressful and all-consuming. Leave your professional personas at work and re-live your university experience at events, fairs, by helping out etc.

  • Student life and post-student life are closely linked — a post-study work visa, for example, a key desire of Indian students, is by design a post-study   visa, so an alumni issue

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So, you can sign up for your NISAU membership and participate in our nationwide activities, even if you have graduated. At present we are able to accept alumni membership from individuals who graduated in the academic year 2010 onwards (i.e. 2010, 2011, 2012 — current). Visit our Membership page to get your free membership!

If you graduated before 2010, or haven't studied at a UK university, but live in the UK and are keen to get involved, or are an Indian resident studying UK-India relations, UK's Indian diaspora etc. then we may be able to offer special membership. Write to our General Secretary — secretary@nisu.org.uk

Further Queries?

In case of further queries, please contact secretary@nisu.org.uk or contact us via social media.